Devon Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Colour Changes

Vehicle Wrapping is the ultimate way to advertise your business when you’re on the move. We’ve been wrapping cars, vans, truck cabs and even diggers at our Devon premises for over 10 years and it’s become a speciality of ours. Vehicle wrapping is a complex task, to ensure a high quality finish and a great looking wrap great care and consideration has to be taken throughout the entire wrap process. To find out more about our wrap services and what’s right for you, check out our  Full Wraps and Part Wraps pages.


We offer the full service, from design expertise to professional fitting in our temperature controlled wrap bay. We even have a viewing lounge so you can watch our wrappers work. We are also completely knifeless. Whether we’re fully wrapping or part wrapping your vehicle we use knifeless tape technology to ensure there’s never a scratch on your paintwork.

If you’d like to talk about having your vehicle wrapped with us please drop us a line or stop by at our premises and take a look around.


We only wrap in the best materials. Every vinyl we use carries either a 5-7 year guarantee, or a 10 year guarantee. They’re better for you, and they’re better for us. Higher grade vinyls conform better to curves, don’t lift from recesses and are more vibrant when printed, and a Jag Wrap guarantees all three. They are little more expensive than inferior alternatives, but we don’t do inferior. It’s not our style.

It’s the little things which matter in vehicle wrapping, it’s not just about what you can see, it’s about what you can’t. Our wraps look just as great with the doors open and the bonnet up, as they do when your vehicle is on the road. We use our experience, combined with developed, tested techniques and in house wrap tooling to deliver an outstanding wrap, every time. Nothing leaves our wrap podium until its wrap ready.

Our newly built wrap facility houses a design suite, open plan print lounge and dedicated wrap floor. By fine tuning our work flow we are able to facilitate the wrapping of multiple vehicles, including large commercials, in a totally contamination free environment. No other signage is made in our wrap facility, ensuring it remains completely dust free. It’s temperature controlled and its layout has been designed by our own wrappers. We even have a viewing lounge for those keen to see their vehicles transform.

We are a team of professionals. All our team have undergone intensive vehicle wrapping training and have been wrapping vehicles for many years. Our design, print and installation teams all have years of experience in wrapping. But it’s not just about certificates, vehicle wrapping is our passion, we all love it. It’s why we do what we do.

Our quality speaks for itself. We have been wrapping vehicles at Jag since the day that wrapping began, 10 years ago. To date we have fully wrapped over 450 vehicles, its become something of a passion here. We offer a comprehensive wrap design service, designing wraps that make the most of your vehicles curves.

Our wraps are finished to flawless standards. We ensure every ingress is post heated to precisely 100 degrees, we guarantee no print will lift a few weeks down the line. We over laminate all our wrap films with the highest quality materials to protect your prints years down the line. To wrap a vehicle is an art and we stand for both creativity and excellence.

Jag Signs, Mitre Business Units, Dobles  Business Park, Holsworthy, Devon, EX226HL | 01409 254585 |  sales@jagsigns.co.uk

Jag Signs, Mitre Business Units, Dobles  Business Park, Holsworthy, Devon, EX226HL | 01409 254585 |  sales@jagsigns.co.uk