Part Wraps

Following on from our Full Vehicle Wrapping Service, Part Vehicle Wrapping is an effective way to make the most of your vehicle without being governed by panels and recesses that many sign and graphics companies will avoid. We often combine our part wrapping techniques with traditional graphics to create outstanding wrap designs.

Sometimes its nice to make use of your paintwork. Half wrapping at Jag is where we use cleverly designed images and graphics to cover key areas of your vehicle, and it looks outstanding!

Using both wrapping techniques and vinyl to flood coat areas of your vehicle and design with sign writing is often as as effective as wrapping the whole chassis. Its one of our most popular services at Jag, and that says something.

We offer cost effective wrapping through showcasing your vehicles rear. Perfect for commercial vehicles that spend time in heavy traffic, and a fantastic way to showcase your business.

We offer hundreds of different material options for wrapping elements of your vehicle. We are able to wrap wing mirrors, bonnets and roofs to highlight and customise your vehicle with everything from iridescent vinyls to velvet effect materials. Matt black and Carbon fibre are our most popular right now. Ask for samples!

Our wrappers are highly trained and passionate. For more information on how we wrap, please visit our Full Wraps page.

Jag Signs, Mitre Business Units, Dobles  Business Park, Holsworthy, Devon, EX226HL | 01409 254585 |  sales@jagsigns.co.uk

Jag Signs, Mitre Business Units, Dobles Business Park, Holsworthy, Devon, EX226HL |  01409 254585 |  sales@jagsigns.co.uk