Custom Welcome Screens

Over the past few weeks we’ve been thinking of ways to welcome people back to your shops and businesses. We’ve noticed that many of the protective screens available aren’t particularly friendly or suitable for many of your lovely premises.

So we’ve created a new line of totally customisable welcome screens we feel will not only protect your staff but provide an attractive addition to the counters in your shops, salons, restaurants and receptions.

Our new range of screens are made from 5mm thick acrylic, much thicker than standard options, they’re designed to look stunning and last for years.

Made to Measure

We heat bend all our screens by hand to ensure total surrounding protection for your staff and a snug fit wherever they need to go. We can custom bend to any angle so can build beautiful screens around any shape counter. Ask us to pop out for a survey 🙂

Our screens are made to measure and our sheet sizes are large so you can have long lengths of uninterrupted screen should you desire. Alternatively we can build these booth style screens to provide extra protection for staff working side by side.

Please call us on 01409 254585 to discuss your requirements or email us at quotes@jagsigns.co.uk



We stock beautiful tinted acrylics in a variety of colours. They offer clear viewing across the face but react with light across their edges. With additional lighting from above we can also create beautiful edge lit effects. We offer custom shaped and sized letterboxes depending on what you need, and we can cut or etch messages and company branding into the screens themselves. The options are limitless and the results are stunning.

We understand that not every showroom or workplace has the space for a large screen to sit on a counter, so we have designed a suspended option for your ceilings. We use attractive hardwoods to provide strength and add decoration to these products, and we also have near unlimited options for wrapping so if there’s something you’d like to match or a style you’d like to go for we can tailor them for you.

Please call us on 01409 254585 to discuss your requirements or email us at quotes@jagsigns.co.uk